Hibiscus Sunrise by Glo Extracts Product Review

Hibiscus Sunrise

Hibiscus Sunrise is a great option for those who want to feel like they are getting high on an island in a tropical paradise.  A lot of people want this feeling and because of that, this cartridge is very popular among all kinds of people.  The feeling that you get from this cartridge combined with the great packaging and taste is why Hibiscus Sunrise from Glo Extracts is why it is flying off the shelves and becoming so popular.  The packaging from Glo Extracts is one of the best features and here is why.


The packaging of the Hibiscus Sunrise cartridge from Glo Extracts is one of the things that Glo does really well to enhance the customer experience.  It is important to make sure that the packaging is dense and secure and that’s exactly what Glo does for their customers.  The new gold and black design is something that really captures your attention.  The next thing that they see a QR code on the packaging.  

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