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Glo Extracts Box Single box compromises of 10 different cartridges which may come in mixed or random flavors depending on demand (leave special note on specialization on selected flavors demanded by individual).

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14 Reviews For This Product

  1. 14

    by admin

    Use it all the time, one of my go tos for a good time. Get them from Instajane deliveries, very communicative and convenient for delivery in Palmdale.

  2. 14

    by admin

    Glo Extracts packaging and product Are far better than many competitors End have a much lower price . I appreciate the pricing is appropriate for the product.. Not overprised weed pricing. Thank you big chief for a good product at a good price..

  3. 14

    by admin

    Awesome deal and they do have a great appearance I had only one problem and it’s in the reviews already so just look out for this because if you know about the problem, before u use the cart u may stop it but I didn’t so like someone said after a few days I was loving it until the wooden mouthpiece pops of and all the juice goes everywhere everywhere yea happened to me but like I said if you know about this then just remember to always make sure it’s on tight no biggie. Honestly I haft to give a shout out to UPNORTH cannabis Dispensary even understood my problem and swapped it out for a brand new one. So honestly if you have a good dispensary then when there’s a problem like that and you and his customer they take care of you five stars too UPNORTH Cannabis dispensary Vista California

  4. 14

    by admin

    This is my favorite along with blue dream and apple jacks. This will make you nap if you over consume.

  5. 14

    by admin

    I had it for 20$, cheap and gets the job done, I like the packaging and tastes good.

  6. 14

    by admin

    Don’t listen to these people who says it’s bad. A reviewer said that you can only find these on the streets which is not true. These are great if you buy them in a dispensary. DON NOT BUY THESE ON THE STREETS!

  7. 14

    by admin

    Head down to the DTPG (Downtown patient group ) they have a legit BIG CHEIF . Stay BIG CHEIFn friends 😉😎

  8. 14

    by admin

    I like these I’ve almost tried all of them lol, just make sure u get it from a dispensary! East of eden in Salinas has them and in moss landing!

  9. 14

    by admin

    For sure recommend this company to all 🪐🪐🌎🔥

  10. 14

    by admin

    This is a tasty one & does make me sort of chatty so beware if you’re simply looking for couch lock… their Indica is nice too for that purpose. Our dispensary checks the carts before they go out the door > gives you some peace of mind I think the quality control is on that end. Big Chief has never disappointed me like the other reviewers but then I use a good quality box mod for my vape not a cheap pen because I’ve learned my lesson there in the world of carts. I’m a fan of the Pineapple Express flavor too. Worth a try for 20 bones locally per gm (!)

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    by Jason Crissy


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    by Ulisses Reyes


  13. 14

    by Eli Fee

    Great product

  14. 14

    by Paul Shelley

    I am very impressed with glo, first time I tried them it was a fake so I stayed clear of them. Stuck with Muha Meds but got tired of paying$40 a pop. Lucky good glo carts came around and recently I found a plug and been buying them in sealed 10 packs. Just got the El Fuego box, keeping it all for personal, lol Next will be a master box. As long as the price is right on thies you cant go wrong! I recommend FoSho!!! Smoking on the glo Kali Mist ATM. A good sativa strain.

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